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Here you will find numerous free entrepreneur resources as described in The Small Business Planner, including:

  • FREE Business Template Downloads
    Fully formatted in MS Word:
    • Marketing Plan
    • Business Plan
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    • Profit & Loss Projection
    • Cash Flow projection
    • Start-Up Cost Analysis
    • Variance Analysis
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Media Plan
    • Sales Call Sheets
  • Resource Links with numerous web sites listed which provide valuable help with business and marketing planning.


Learn the answers to these and many more business questions that will keep you from The Small Business Planner making costly errors and guide your business to increased profitability. Best Selling guidebook, The Small Business Planner is comprehensive, understandable and truly the Complete Entrepreneurial Guide to Starting and Operating a Successful Small Business.

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Shark Tank and Dragons' Den Reviews

Be sure to check out Larry's popular weekly review of ABC's Shark Tank Review of ABC's Shark Tank and
Review of CBC's Dragons' Den CBC's Dragons' Den. Learn what to do - and what NOT to do when starting a new business and looking for a capital investment. Everyone can learn from these pitches made by new entrepreneurs to wealthy and very business savvy investors. Larry points out the strengths and weaknesses with his entrepreneur ratings and an objective review of the new company's web site. Leave your own comments to show how would you have handled the presentation differently. Watch for some great news coming soon. Larry Wilson is author of the best selling book, The Small Business Planner, and is the founder of Dynamic Performance Group, a strategic and marketing planning firm.


Pitch One: Chapul - Asking $50K for 5%
Valuation: $1 million.
Pat Crowley from Salt Lake City has developed an energy bar that includes protein from crickets and currently utilize a small kitchen to make them by hand. The company is growing every month and they need the investment to keep up with production. Some noses turned up when he displayed crickets in a terrarium to the Sharks as the main ingredient – just before offering samples. Kevin reminded Pat of the barrier he faced as a large number of consumers will be revolted by the thought of eating insects. Pat compared the introduction of insect slowly into North American diets to that of sushi and Kevin reminded him on that point that it took twenty years. Robert asked about sales. Read More


Pitch One: Mozi-Q - Asking $100K for 25%
Valuation: $400K
Erin Bosch from Calgary, AB pitched her all natural edible insect repellent which contains a plant ingredient that repels mosquitoes, black flies and other annoying insects. She passed out samples for the Dragons to taste an right away David said, "If this works I'm in!" She confirmed that it does work and she has approvals. The protection lasts for up to three hours in ninety percent of users. It has been on the market for less than a year but is available in over two hundred and fifty health food stores across Canada. It is safe for children and works on pets. Not only os the product Health Canada approved, Erin has received approvals in eight other countries and pending in sixteen. Read More

Short Video Entrepreneurship Series

A series of videos based upon sections of the book to assist entrepreneurs in starting and operating a sussessful business.
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The Feasibility Study
The Marketing Planning Process

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