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The Official Site of
The Small Business Planner
by Larry Wilson

Here you will find numerous free entrepreneur resources as described in The Small Business Planner, including:

  • FREE Business Template Downloads
    Fully formatted in MS Word:
    • Marketing Plan
    • Business Plan
  • FREE Spreadsheet Downloads
    Complete w/ formulas in MS Excel:
    • Profit & Loss Projection
    • Cash Flow projection
    • Start-Up Cost Analysis
    • Variance Analysis
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Media Plan
    • Sales Call Sheets
  • Resource Links with numerous web sites listed which provide valuable help with business and marketing planning.


Learn the answers to these and many more business questions that will keep you from The Small Business Planner making costly errors and guide your business to increased profitability. Best Selling guidebook, The Small Business Planner is comprehensive, understandable and truly the Complete Entrepreneurial Guide to Starting and Operating a Successful Small Business.

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Dragons' Den Reviews

Be sure to check out Larry's popular weekly review of Review of CBC's Dragons' Den CBC's Dragons' Den. Learn what to do - and what NOT to do when starting a new business and looking for a capital investment. Everyone can learn from these pitches made by new entrepreneurs to wealthy and very business savvy investors. Larry points out the strengths and weaknesses with his entrepreneur ratings and an objective review of the company's web site. Leave your own comments to show how would you have handled the presentation differently. Larry Wilson is author of the best selling book, The Small Business Planner, and is the founder of Dynamic Performance Group, a strategic and marketing planning firm.


Season 9 - Episode 4.    Original air date: November 5, 2014
Pitch One: Underworld LARP - Asking $60K for 25%    Valuation: $240K. million.
David Ashby from Toronto, ON, seeks Dragon dollars for his Live Action Role-Playing business which include detailed story lines and quests for the participants. According to David, it is all about 'escapism' and players pay to use their intellectual property, stories, and rules. The players are provided with the beginning of the story, write the ending themselves, and live in the story for three days. They currently rent land near Lindsay, Ontario and are looking for investment to acquire their own property and facility to accommodate games. I don't think the amount they are asking for comes even close.
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Short Video Entrepreneurship Series

A series of videos based upon sections of the book to assist entrepreneurs in starting and operating a sussessful business.
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The Feasibility Study
The Marketing Planning Process

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