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Here you will find numerous free entrepreneur templates as described in The Small Business Planner. By downloading these files, the user assumes all responsibility. These files are clean, have been tested, and function properly. The author, publisher and other parties involved in the creation and publication of the book and associated files cannot be held responsible for the use of these files.

MS Word Templates

These planning templates are fully formatted with appropriate margins, section and subsections along with descriptions for preparing content in each. Simply highlight the existing text and over-write with your own copy to maintain formatting. The Business Plan template requires the Marketing Plan as an insert and an actual plan within a plan. Simply eliminate the Executive Summary and Financials from the Marketing Plan when used in conjunction with the business plan. The Marketing Plan can be used as a stand-alone tool for planning purposes and is often the only plan required. After clicking the file name for downloading, you will be offered the option to 'Open' with MS Word or 'Save' to a location on your hard drive. If you have difficulties, it is generally due to browser security settings. (See details in The Small Business Planner.)

MS Excel Spreadsheets

These templates are fully formatted and complete with formulas. Simply highlight the existing cells and over-write with your own figures or text to maintain formatting. Eliminate rows that are not required by highlighting the entire rown and clicking 'Edit' - 'Delete', and vice versa, adding new rows by clicking 'Indert' - 'Row'. Re-check formulas. It may be necessary to copy a formula by dragging the lower right corner of the cell. After clicking the file name for download, the spreadsheet will appear in the browser window (depending on your browser version). To save the file, click on 'Page' then 'Save As' to a location on your hard drive. (More details on the use of these spreadsheets can be found in The Small Business Planner.)


Learn the answers to these and many more business questions that will keep you from making costly errors and guide your business to increased profitability. Best Selling guidebook, The Small Business Planner is comprehensive, understandable and truly the Complete Entrpreneurial Guide to Starting and Operating a Successfull Small Business.

The Small Business Planner

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